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Buy digital file, starting from ₹499 only

'Selenophile - Love for Moon,' a digital artwork in calming black and beige. Picture a woman chilling on her balcony under the moonlight, enjoying a cigarette, music, and a good book.  The shadows and light play nicely, making it feel calm and beautiful. 'Selenophile' is all about loving the moon, giving you those peaceful vibes. It's like a visual poem celebrating the joy of quiet nights and the magic of the moon.Unique art print Perfect for any spot that wants a touch of calm and class. Enjoy the serenity!


PriceFrom ₹699.00
  • Paper: Archival art paper.(200-300 gsm)

    Frame is not included in the product. Frames in the photos are only to display the products.

    You can buy the digital file and download  at Digital Catagory of our website.

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