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The "Philophobia" art print captures the essence of the fear of love in a visually striking and thought-provoking way. Featuring a pair of hands holding a cup tightly, the image conveys the idea of guarding oneself against the vulnerability of love. The addition of birds flying over the hands symbolizes the feeling of longing for freedom and independence, while also hinting at the desire for love and connection. This captivating piece is perfect for those who appreciate art that evokes deep emotions and contemplation. Add a touch of mystery and introspection to your space with the "Philophobia" an unique art print.

Philophobia(Instant download)

  • File format: PDF

    Printable sizes:

    6*9 Inches

    8*12 inches

    10*15 inches

    (print will come in the middleof the page, with space at both sides. You can cut of the white space and frame according to your preference,)

    Recommend to print on Archival art paper.

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